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New You

Revolutionary Weight loss, Health, and Wellness

Introducing a revolutionary approach toward becoming the best version of YOU. We start with mindset and habits; then we get into nutrition and exercise. While others have given up on your goals, you will be in full swing on making changes to you health. All classes are done via webinar and phone, so you can join from anywhere. Are you ready?

What you get:


1. One-on-One Coaching from your dedicated personal coach


2. Custom designed program that fits you perfectly


3. Focus on mindset and habits before exercise and nutrition


4. Weekly Group Sessions done via the phone and web


5. A Community of support, encouragement, and accountability



All of this for $149.99

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Goals for the New Year

Achieve - a goal setting program like no other. A program customized to your needs, with ongoing support, accountability, with new understanding and learning. Not only will you start your new year right, but you will be ready to achieve the next level of  your goals and live a goal driven life year round. There will never be a better time to start on your goals. Are you ready?

How it works:


1. Take 100% responsibility for your life


2. Design your life and goals around your specific values


3. Determine your big "WHY", your reason, and your purpose.


4. Stomp out procrastination with ACTION, nothing changes till you do, so we determine the right actions for you to take.


5. Receive One-on-One coaching calls to dial in your dreams


6. Establish powerful beliefs and gain new insight during 


7. Easy access weekly Group Sessions done on the phone & web


8. A community of support, encouragement, and accountability


9. Live your dreams, achieve your goals, and establish balance


10. Your goals are achieved over our 6 week course


All of this for $199.99

Fill out the Information below to get more info and to sign up.
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