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Making Millennials Great

The 5 Pillers of Greatness

Have you ever wondered what it takes to motivate the millennial generation and turn them into employees that will do what it takes to get the job done? 


Jeff Kortes and Randy Wilinski have been doing just that for the past decade.  Jeff brings 28 years of experience as a human resources professional, coach, and father of three millennials.  Now, as a “headhunter” he finds himself successfully recruiting millennials for his clients.  For 10 years, Randy has held leadership roles, in major corporations, where he has led teams of his own generation to achieve success in their career. Now, he speaks to organization, coaches individuals, and trains leaders to help them “Crush” their career goals.


Through humorous scenarios, real-life stories and interactive participation, they have created a program, which enables participants to learn the 5 pillars of motivation that are key to unlocking the potential of the millennial generation. 


Because of their unique perspectives, they are able to show how millennials think and what motivates, or doesn’t motivate them to go the extra mile for their boss and organization. 


Attendees will hear perspectives from a baby boomer and millennial that will give you hope that the millennial generation will step up and fill the void as the baby boomers exit the workforce.  Their unique insight will enable participants to leave the session with actionable steps to begin to drive change in their millennial workers while participating in a program with great takeaways that will resonate with attendees.

Are you tired of the same lame customer service training?  Are you tired of the one-size fits all program?  Are you tired of theoretical ideas that don’t apply to your business? Then it’s time for Kick Ass Customer Service training.


Customer Service is a ginormous topic, rather than trying to cover it all, we get laser focused. Our program becomes fully customized to speak to your concerns with your service. We work with your leaders to determine the most impactful areas.


There is nothing worse than a lot of good words, with no bite. We will get down to the details, with a practical, and hands-on approach that your people can go and apply immediately. We use group discussion, role playing, and design deliverables for each topic. 


Get your reps fired up to deliver service that will blow your customers away.

We can conduct a half day, two hour, or keynote delivery of K.A.C.S to your team or organization. Contact us to get any questions answered.

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